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Flowers and Hand

Client Testimonials

Those who sought a helping hand

Client ZF

Mica is one of the few people I have told my story to who didn’t judge me, really listened, and really helped me grapple with what happened to me. I’m a male survivor of sexual assault and abuse from a female attacker, and most of the people I have opened up to about have a hard time grasping with what is like to be male and being victimized. She opened up and we explored what this trauma is like to live with, how it uniquely affects me, and worked with me on being able to manage to move on and grow. Thanks to Mica I was able to discover the strength I had in myself to become an advocate for others, and I am now using my voice to shed light on the issues of male victim-hood, domestic abuse, and sexual violence. I cannot thank her enough for being there for me when almost no one else was listening and caring, showing me how to cope and grow."

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